The company SUPER KUB CONSTRUCTION Ltd. offers its customers repair and finishing work of your office at the highest level. We guarantee the quality of our services and provide the customer peace of mind and confidence during renovation. If you decide to fundamentally repair your office space, our team of professionals with rich experience isЧитать далее...
Finding the answer to the question “how to choose the right design studio?” Certainly will require you a certain amount of time, because this situation happens to us not every day and therefore few people can boast of experience about this problem. In addition to the fact that the proposed solutions by designers you like,Читать далее...
Each of us dreams of a cozy home, coming to which you can relax after a tiring day and again charged with positive energy. A place where you can forget about all the problems, spending time in comfort and coziness. However, in order to create the same coziness and comfort, does not mean that youЧитать далее...
How often does the company in Tashkent face the issue of moving and designing an office? For someone once in 2-3 years, someone for 10 years rents one office and is not going to change anything in it. For those who are planning to order an office design in Tashkent, we suggest choosing not aЧитать далее...
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