Our design studio is expanding and we decided to move to a new office. Of course, we started with the search for a suitable room and we liked the option on Darhan – the first floor of a residential house by the road. The design of the office was developed by the entire studio andЧитать далее...
Responsible repair of apartments in Tashkent is not offered by many companies. They are mostly private masters, who have 2-3 assistants in the team. Their ads are full of all kinds of message boards. How to choose the right master or team and how to not make the wrong choice? Let’s try to figure itЧитать далее...
Someone is ordering a design project in Tashkent, someone is calling famous designers from Europe. All individually and based on the financial capabilities of the customer. Our design studio works with projects of any complexity and various levels: from government and corporate to private. But at the same time, we also choose which projects toЧитать далее...
Landscape design in Tashkent is offered mainly by private individuals – gardeners. They show photos of completed projects and promise to do exactly the same. Plant the same shrubs, trees and flowers. In our opinion, landscape design is not only botany, but also architecture, design and philosophy. Correctly designed and embodied design will delight theЧитать далее...
Everyone wants to live in decent conditions and repairing an apartment is a priority task in the arrangement of housing. To whom to entrust repair of his apartment, how will it look after repairs? These and other questions are asked by each owner of the property in Tashkent. Often ideas in the head of theЧитать далее...
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