It is generally believed that the construction of a house or a country cottage takes a long time. However, thanks to the latest technology, you can build the desired home in the shortest possible time. Materials for rapid construction For the construction of a house in Tashkent, the following materials are used for selection:  Читать далее...
Repair of apartments 2018 will allow you to update the external appearance of your home. Yes, so that it matches not only your taste, but also the trends of the coming year. Repair of apartments in 2018 in Tashkent: the main trends of design, and not only: The first place in the list of fashionЧитать далее...
Repair of an apartment in a new building implies a lot of rather complicated works. In general, the repair of apartments on a turn-key basis in new buildings in Tashkent includes 5 stages. Which ones? Read below! Apartment-new building: start of renovation To begin with – a little about the specifics of the event. ItЧитать далее...
Not all ordinary people know how difficult the procedure is to repair the house. Next – about where to order a house in Tashkent, and also – briefly about the stages of the process. Overhaul of the house: the order of repair At the first stage, employees of our repair company determine the nature ofЧитать далее...
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