The construction of an office or a business center in Tashkent is actual both for the location of its company and for investment, since most representatives of small and medium-sized businesses prefer to rent buildings without building new ones. Do you need to place your employees or profitable investments? Our company offers services for the development and implementation of such projects on a turn-key basis.

We build offices according to the following rules:

Any budget. A monolithic building made of reinforced concrete will allow the construction of structures of any number of storeys and forms, and will also emphasize the high status. The frame building is less impressive, but it will cost you less and will serve a minimum of 100-150 years. We will select the engineering solutions and materials for your project.

Quickly but qualitatively. Modern technologies accelerate the construction, and this allows you to start a business earlier and make a profit.

We think about the future. Even materials and technology can benefit the business. For example, insulation can help save on heating, suitable for washing and painting finish – to update the interior budget without major repairs.

We plan each step. Before starting the project, we create:

individual schedule: specify the list of works, their scope, priority, due to which the construction process will be performed technically correctly, and the deadlines for completion;

estimate: detail the cost of work.

In addition, our team uses 3D-design in Tashkent, so that you appreciate the future building not only on estimates, but also visually.

Turnkey construction includes a full range of works from the design and preparation of the construction site to the finish interior and exterior. To find out details about project development, repair in Tashkent, visualization and other services, please contact +998909982333 or e-mail.













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