Repair in Tashkent is an event that sooner or later becomes necessary for any apartment. And one of the most popular options is cosmetic repairs. More about him – more.




Cosmetic repair of apartments in Tashkent: when to choose “cosmetics”?




Cosmetic repair (photos and examples of finished projects see on the site) will allow to paint the existing interior of the apartment with new colors and accents, make your home more vivid and, in the end, simply refresh it.


What does the redecoration of premises mean?




Cosmetic repair consists in the performance of a complete complex of finishing works. When it is carried out, communication elements can not be replaced. It is also not meant to redevelop the premises.


Due to the relatively small number of works, the price of cosmetic repairs is usually lower than the rest. Although it depends on the level of complexity, and the complexity can also be different.


Simple “cosmetics” means the renovation of the existing finish. That is, it allows you to restore the old look of the apartment. But a complex cosmetic repair will change the face of the room completely.

Pros and cons of cosmetic repairs


The main advantage of cosmetic repair is considered to be a relatively low cost.

Next are the minimum time costs, and therefore – and the accelerated opportunity to enter the renovated apartment.

Cosmetic repair of the apartment will allow you to quickly and inexpensively change the look of your home the way you want.

The only disadvantage of this type of repair is that the warranty for these works is usually provided for a shorter period than when overhauled.


The short duration of the guarantee is due to the fact that, in the main, the work cycles are partly produced, not completely. For example, the floor covering is applied to the existing screed. Meanwhile, the life of the floor depends directly on it.


Where to order a cosmetic repair in Tashkent? Of course, in “Cube”!






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