Landscape design in Tashkent is offered mainly by private individuals – gardeners. They show photos of completed projects and promise to do exactly the same. Plant the same shrubs, trees and flowers. In our opinion, landscape design is not only botany, but also architecture, design and philosophy. Correctly designed and embodied design will delight the eye and touch the deepest strings of the soul, creating a mood. On a beautiful site there will be a desire to stay longer among the natural beauty and only a competent designer can help you with landscape design.

First of all, the designer will offer an idea – the concept of the future garden. Will it be a haven for solitary rest and contemplation: a garden of stones, a pond with carp, rattan chairs in the shade of arbors, a platform for meditations. Or, on the contrary, it will be a place for noisy family and friendly parties with a barbecue, a swimming pool and a large table.

After the acceptance of the idea by the customer, the designer develops a preliminary sketch of the site landscape. In the future we offer 3D visualization of the entire landscape design project.

The project must include the dendroplane (the scheme of green plantations on the site), the layout drawing (indicating the shape of the paving pattern, the width of the tracks, the volume of materials required), the engineering communications plan (autoplay scheme), the lighting scheme and decor.

When ordering landscape design, specify what will be included in the cost of the project, what will be the stages of execution and how much will it cost to implement. Be selective and demanding, because you are the customer and expect to see in the end the real beauty on your site.

We wish you the embodiment of your dreams!

In turn, the design studio KUB is ready to undertake the development of the project of landscape design on a site of any size – from a small vegetable garden for 10 square meters to city parks in several hectares. Our conditions and a flexible system of discounts will please you. Call us and we will help you +998903233511



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