How often does the company in Tashkent face the issue of moving and designing an office? For someone once in 2-3 years, someone for 10 years rents one office and is not going to change anything in it.

For those who are planning to order an office design in Tashkent, we suggest choosing not a freelance designer, but a professional studio. Advantage of the studio in front of one designer in multitasking. The design studio can quickly perform the design, since all the work is divided into stages and it can be performed by several people at once.

When developing the design of the office, the customer is always an important point of the TERM of the project execution. Time is money and nobody wants to spend resources on prolonged waiting.

On how quickly the design design of the office will be developed, the time for completing the repair and construction works depends.

Ordering the design project office in the studio KUB, you can count on speed, quality and reasonable price. Our designers control the entire process from dismantling and erecting partitions, to matching colors of wall paint, furniture sizes and other important design elements of the office. We take into account the sanitary norms for the organization of workplaces, as well as ergonomics. Your employees do not have to overcome extra distances in the office, as we will design everything in detail in detail.

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