There is an opinion that in winter you should not start a repair. This has been customary since the days when people independently engaged in the repair of their own apartments. In the winter it’s cold and not everyone wants to mess around with a cold solution because of the fear of catching a cold.

In an age of speed and intense rhythm of life, everyone wants to get the desired result as soon as possible. And for this it is not necessary to participate in everything. You can trust professionals who perform repair work at any time of year without compromising quality.

In a new apartment building, repairs can be started in winter if central heating is already installed or gas boilers for individual heating in each apartment are installed. It makes no sense to wait for spring. The sooner the repair of the apartment begins, the sooner you move into a new dwelling.

In our company, the whole process of repair and construction work is strictly regulated by the technological map and each process goes in a clear sequence. To understand the whole picture of the upcoming repair, we are drafting. What it is is a 3D visualization of all rooms with the indication of the building materials used for repairs, working drawings and, of course, the estimate for repair work.

Ordering the repair of the apartment in “Cube”, you get a design project as a gift.

We cooperate with the direct producers of building materials and therefore can guarantee the lowest prices for gypsum board, profiles, paints, doors, dry construction mixtures, lamps and other materials. With us, any customer can be sure that he will not be deceived by the cost of building materials. We will explain the difference in the cost of materials, recommend, caution.

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