Renovation of apartments has become widespread in Uzbekistan in general and in Tashkent – in particular. But let’s first figure out what the renovation is, in order to know when you are offered a really “euro”, and when you are trying to cash in on your ignorance.


What is European-quality repair?


The key features of this type of repair of apartments in Tashkent are:


application of modern technologies;

use of environmentally friendly materials of a new generation;

compliance with international standards at all stages of work;

creation of an exclusive design project.

So, if you are offered to make a renovation on the basis of a serial project, keep in mind: you are deceived!




Types of renovation: what repairs in Tashkent to order?


Like everything else, the renovation is also divided into several subtypes. Below, you will learn about the main features of each of them.


The first in the list is the economy-renovation. The price will be slightly lower than other types, but invariably higher than normal repairs. According to the scheme of implementation, it is similar to the usual cosmetic repair of an apartment. The difference in this case is that an individual project is created for it. Also, high-quality finishing materials are used, the cost of which is significantly higher than those used for standard “cosmetics”.


Standard renovation, in addition to replacing wall, floor, ceiling coverings and other related works, also provides for the replacement of electrical wiring, doors, windows, pipes (the latter are replaced by plastic analogs).


Renovated luxury class differs from others in that, in addition to the works listed above, it implies the redevelopment of the premises, the removal of unnecessary partitions and a change in the layout of the elements of communication systems.


Well and at last, repair elite. It is carried out according to a pre-designed author’s project. And, more importantly, a project of this type can not be implemented repeatedly. That is, only you will have such repairs. And not only in the country, but all over the world.


To maximize the details and individualize the project, in the repair process also involved masters, performing artwork with different materials – stone, wood, metal, as well as decorators, artists and other narrow specialists.




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