Not all ordinary people know how difficult the procedure is to repair the house. Next – about where to order a house in Tashkent, and also – briefly about the stages of the process.

Overhaul of the house: the order of repair

At the first stage, employees of our repair company determine the nature of the terrain on which the building is located. Further, based on the wishes of the customer and the surrounding landscape, a design project for repairing the house is being prepared. At the same time, the project is carried out not only on paper, but also in 3D format.

Next, the analysis and assessment of the status of existing communication systems. In addition to the need to replace and remodel such, there is often a need for equipment (laying) of new communication systems. Although bringing new communications in the repair process is often easier than “integrating” them into an already completed project.

The interior decoration of the house can vary considerably, depending on the type of repair chosen (capital, cosmetic, euro). In some cases, you also need to perform a rough house finish.

Often, the created project also provides for the redevelopment of the house. Plus, in the case of a private house, is that this procedure does not need to be coordinated with the tenants of neighboring cottages. However, do not forget that only a professional team can guarantee you the quality of work. So, repairing the house with your own hands is definitely not a good idea.

The cost of repairing a house can be different, depending on the amount of work, materials, finishes and a number of other factors. By the way, cosmetic repairs of the house will cost a little cheaper than the capital. However, it also uses an individual design project. So, you can change the face of the home, get a beautiful renovation of the house, spending relatively little money.

Next, work on the exterior decoration of the house. In particular:

the window grilles are replaced;

the roof is replaced or repaired;

the facade of the house is being repaired.

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