f every member of the family buys a thing he likes for the furnishing of the home, without caring about her harmony with other objects, nothing good will come of it. Interior design is a tricky business, in which a small bauble can play a more significant role than an expensive household item.

Decoration of the internal chambers were engaged in ancient times. The furnishings in the palaces of the Great Roman Empire, Ancient Greece were created according to a single style.

The basis of the design of the room

The design in the apartment must correspond to the three whales of the modern idea of design:

Let us explain these concepts.

Style – a set of pieces of furniture, details of the environment, which together create a single whole. For example, the Hi-Tech style: the minimum set of things, the availability of large free space, the ease of use of all the details. Or fashionable, in our time, rococo: luxurious finishes, pompous things, an abundance of decorative trifles. The concept of design Tashkent speaks of creating a folk style in decoration. The style of the design of apartments must necessarily correspond to the nature and temperament of the owners of the premises, and their worldview.

Beauty – the design of apartments in Tashkent should contain beautiful objects that harmonize with each other in style and direction. Presence of magnificent things, furniture should be alternated with intermediate elements, suitable for color shades, directivity.

Ergonomics – the basis for the location of interior design items in Tashkent, without which all the elements of the situation would represent a chaotic set of chaotically arranged things.

How to create a design?

Having a creative imagination, you can try yourself to come up with the design of your apartment. However, it is better to entrust this, seemingly simple, at first glance, to professionals.

The science of design is not only a concept, in which place to put, say, a lamp. This is a reasoned knowledge of the location of objects in the apartment. Accurate representation of the ergonomic placement of outlets, switches, installation of lighting fixtures, the choice of the desired form of a false ceiling, etc., etc.

The independent decision to equip the apartment leads to a redesign of the work done and unnecessary financial costs. The funds spent for the designer will pay off with interest.


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