Repair in Tashkent, as, indeed, in any other city, the event is troublesome, expensive and very specific. Especially troublesome repairs in Tashkent can be considered in situations where it is necessary to carry out repairs in a small apartment.

Repair in Tashkent: what to consider when repairing a small apartment?

When planning the repair, it is very important to think over the design and layout, because the compacts have a very limited area. And any, at first sight, insignificant trifle, can make it even less. Of great importance here is even the color scheme in which the apartment is decorated. Therefore, the zoning of the room, repair and design of a small apartment should be entrusted to professionals.

How to make repairs in a small apartment if one person lives in it? The most optimal option will be the demolition of unnecessary partitions. This technique will make it possible to turn a tight apartment into a more spacious and original studio apartment.

Also it is necessary to take into account that in small apartments all rooms are small. The bathroom in the small rooms is usually combined, which generates additional difficulties in the repair.

Repair of a small kitchen is also complex and specific. It is very important to ensure the maximum ergonomics of space. At the same time, you need to make the room cozy, having a meal, friendly tea parties, etc. By the way, for a small kitchen and other rooms in the apartment, it is better to use built-in appliances. This step will save space.

To the small hallway was not like a gloomy underground tunnel, you need to think carefully about lighting and design. Good service in this case will be served by mirrors and reflective wallpaper. The use of such will visually increase the space.








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