Apartment renovation once becomes not just a necessary event, but inevitable. And no matter how you delay it, you’ll have to carry out repairs. Unless, of course, you do not want your apartment to turn into a nightmare.


Repair of an apartment in Tashkent: preliminary work


It does not matter what type of repair is chosen – turnkey repairs, cosmetic repairs, renovation or any other. Preparation for repair work is carried out according to the same scheme.


Make an estimate for the renovation of the apartment. In it you need to list all the necessary materials. If possible, it is also necessary to bypass the point of sale of building materials to get acquainted with prices, choose the most optimal options and calculate the costs.

Take out of the apartment or the room to be repaired furniture. If this is not possible, you can move it to the center of the room. All interior items are covered with a polyethylene film, which will protect them from pollution.

If you do not plan on replacing the floor covering, you must also protect it.

Further, from the ceiling, walls and floor (in this order), the old coating is removed. The technique of removal may vary, depending on the material of the finish.

During major repairs, it is necessary to disconnect the wiring, shut off the water, etc. Of course, such events in some cases require preliminary coordination with the neighbors.

At the last stage of preparation, all construction waste is taken out.

Repair in Tashkent: where to turn, so as not to suffer from the preparation?


As it becomes clear – the repair of the apartment, the event is by no means easy, even if we only talk about preparing for it. The company “CUB” will help you to carry out all the preparatory work quickly and correctly! After all, professional training is a guarantee that repairs will be carried out as quickly and as qualitatively as possible.







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