Repair in Tashkent can be different. The greatest demand today is capital repairs, although it implies capital costs. But, with a professional approach, everything will be done thoroughly!


Current and overhaul: difference


While in the current repair the appearance of your home is only slightly updated, the capital implies a complete replacement of all coatings (floor, wall and ceiling).

Also, during major repairs, the wiring, heating system, window and door openings, all types of communications, etc. are completely replaced. During the maintenance, all listed elements and systems are only partially renewed and repaired (if necessary).


Calculation of capital costs


According to labor, temporary, and hence material costs, the capital repair of an apartment in Tashkent significantly exceeds the current one. Equally, like all other types of repairs, with the exception, perhaps, of an elite renovation.

The high cost of overhaul is due in part to the large amount of materials needed for both finishing and roughing.

In addition, in the capital estimates, you also need to add and the cost of dismantling the coatings, surface preparation and applying a new finish from scratch.


A little more about the specifics of the overhaul


The need to dismantle the old communications, and also, the installation of new ones, makes the capital repair of the apartment complex difficult. Add to the complexity of high costs, the need to comply with the requirements of manufacturers, taking into account the specifics of the building and the proper observance of all technologies and … you already understand why major repairs can be entrusted only to proven professionals?


Repair in Tashkent: quality and reliability in CUBE


Where can I go to be sure of the quality of overhaul in Tashkent? After all, eliminating the consequences of low-quality overhaul – means paying the second time almost 100% of the cost of work.

The company “Cube” guarantees: with us you do not have to pay twice!



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