But first let’s talk about the repair of 1 (one-room apartment). What is the price of apartment renovation?

Repair of apartments on a turn-key basis: features of works in one-room apartment

Many inexperienced customers do not know that repairing a one-room apartment often costs the same amount as a standard “kopeck piece.” Below is about this, and not only, in more detail.

Find an experienced master, ready to take up repair of a one-room apartment in Tashkent, is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that most of these apartments have a small size. However, due to this factor, the number of zones with which it will be extremely difficult to work during the repair process is increasing.

In the process of work it is necessary either to completely take out the furniture from the apartment, at the same time changing the temporary place of residence, or constantly move it from corner to corner. And at the same time – and live in the unique atmosphere of eternal construction. It is logical that the tightness and constant permutations do not add speed to the repair.

At each stage of painting the floor, ceilings, walls, and also – when applying any other solutions or finishing materials, the work must be stopped for drying.

Repair of one-room apartment on a turn-key basis in Tashkent

It has already been mentioned that the small area of a one-room apartment does not at all contribute to reducing the cost of repairs. It is due to the fact that there are much more problem zones in it. And the work requires much more skill.

In particular, it is much more difficult:

to repair a close bathroom of a combined type than a separate toilet and bathroom;

to give a new look to a small kitchen, since the joints, water and electricity points here are the same as in the usual, but the convenience and scope of work on the footage is much smaller;

similarly with the corridor and the rooms.

Repair of an apartment in Tashkent: where to start?

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