Repair of an apartment in a new building implies a lot of rather complicated works. In general, the repair of apartments on a turn-key basis in new buildings in Tashkent includes 5 stages. Which ones? Read below!

Apartment-new building: start of renovation

To begin with – a little about the specifics of the event.

It is not necessary to buy expensive building materials on joys. The desire to improve new housing is certainly good. However, after construction any new building is subject to shrinkage. The duration of the process is 3-5 years, depending on the material from which the house is built.

Shrinkage, in turn, causes deformation of the finish. In order to minimize the effects of shrinkage, it is necessary to perform wall reinforcement with a metal mesh.

Apartments-new buildings without repair: stages of work

First you need to determine whether you are satisfied with the layout of the apartment in a new building. If not, you can change this by installing or removing unnecessary partitions. It is also worth knowing that the law provides for a number of rules and requirements for redevelopment. Of course, only professionals are aware of them. For this reason, do not perform repairs in the new building with your own hands. Do you want to find reliable specialists? Then the company “KUB” is waiting for you!

Then you can proceed to installation and adjustment of the elements of communication systems – electrical wiring, pipe routing, etc., since those are not always provided.

Now the turn of soundproofing has come. As a rule, if there is one in the new building, its quality leaves much to be desired.

For finishing the ceiling in a new building it is worth using budget materials. The most preferred option is a stretch ceiling, which does not deform upon shrinkage.

The final stage of the work includes the finishing of the ceiling and walls.

As it becomes clear, to perform quality repairs in a new building can only be done by real masters. Therefore – do not waste time! Just call the company “KUB” and we will do everything for you!













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