Repair of apartments 2018 will allow you to update the external appearance of your home. Yes, so that it matches not only your taste, but also the trends of the coming year.

Repair of apartments in 2018 in Tashkent: the main trends of design, and not only:

The first place in the list of fashion trends in design and repair of apartments in 2018 in Tashkent is the environmental friendliness of the materials used. In addition to natural materials, it is also fashionable to repair the apartment in the same style. For example, you can decorate the interior in the style of the sea or the tropics. The most popular decoration material in 2018 was a stone. And, any, from simple pebbles, to expensive marble.

What repairs to do in the apartment – it’s up to you. However, in fashion in 2018 – minimalism and the absence of any pretentiousness.

Capital and cosmetic repair of apartments in Tashkent, of course, need to be done taking into account the provision of maximum comfort and space functionality.

Surprisingly, in the new 2018, all or almost all forgotten paper wallpapers returned to fashion. And in particular – those of them that have an invoice figure.

The most popular design styles in the repair of apartments in 2018 were such as: high-tech, Scandinavian, Japanese, loft, provence and classical directions.

Make repairs in the apartment? Easily!

Do not know which style to choose when ordering an apartment in Tashkent? We will show you the most optimal solution!

There is no desire to follow a certain direction during repair? We will create for you a special symbiosis of materials, colors and elements, harmoniously complementing each other.

Just call the designer studio “KUB” and the apartment of your dreams will soon become a reality!

We do not promise you deafening discounts, the lowest prices, and other bonuses that lure unreliable companies of gullible customers. But we can promise you a quality work and an individual approach.













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