Responsible repair of apartments in Tashkent is not offered by many companies. They are mostly private masters, who have 2-3 assistants in the team. Their ads are full of all kinds of message boards. How to choose the right master or team and how to not make the wrong choice? Let’s try to figure it out.

Masters of repair of apartments.

So, you found an advertisement on the repair of apartments in the Internet, call and agree with the master about the visit to the site and the evaluation of the forthcoming works. It is advisable to call several. Look at how quickly the specialist solves problems, how accurately he names the cost of specific works and what he says about the timing. Timing is an important part of any repair! For the landmark repair in one room in 15-20 square meters will last 15 days provided the work of a professional team of 3-4 people. This includes the following works: plastering of walls, painting works, installation of windows, gypsum cardboard structures, ceiling, floor, electricians. In case of leveling the floor, pouring the screed to 40 mm, the period is extended by 4 days. And to make repairs faster, well, does not work.

Risks during apartment repairs.

When hiring a private team, you should clearly specify all the necessary work so that you do not have to pay for extra time. The professional himself will say what to do and he will not have to point out the little things that need to be “brought to mind.”

Private traders work without official contracts and in case of controversial situations, it will be difficult for you to demand something from them. At best, you will have to hire a new team.

Companies specializing in repair of apartments in Tashkent.

Look for information on the Internet, look at the official pages of construction companies in social networks. Read the REAL testimonials of satisfied customers. Bona fide contractors can also have negative feedback – this is normal. After all, the human factor plays a huge role in repair. Read first to the text of the contract of the construction company, in which you will order the repair of your apartment or house. Pay attention to the responsibility of the parties, whether there is an application with a detailed technical assignment and a schedule. Payment is also an important item. What percentage of prepayment, for how many parts are broken contributions, what closing documents does the contractor provide after each stage of the work.

In general, if you approach reasonably to repair an apartment, you can find a reliable contractor in Tashkent and trust him with your future home.

Choose wisely and remember the saying “miser pays twice.”

Have a good repair!



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