House renovation is an event that happy owners of this type of housing often try to spend on their own. However, this should not be done. Next – about the nuances of the process, as well as about where to turn if you need a home renovation in Tashkent.

Uzbekistan: repairing the house and a little bit about why you should not do it yourself

It seems that it’s easier to repair the house for free. That is – independently. But, as practice shows, as a result, the grief-repairman gives for the alteration of his own “repaired” marriage and the purchase of building materials so much that it is cheaper to turn to a specialized company that repairs private houses in Tashkent.


To begin with, repairing a house is itself a more complicated process than repairing an apartment.

What should we build a house: what “masters” should not be hired?

Many townsfolk see a way out of the situation in using the services of the first brigade that has come across. But first you need to be sure: are you really qualified specialists, and not just hard-working self-taught, who decided to earn some money?

Of course, such workers can also repair the house. But the question is, how much it will be qualitative. About the speed of work and overspending of materials that occur, as consequences of inexperience, there is no need to speak.

Therefore, the first thing to ask when looking for repairmen is a license to carry out similar works. Forget or believe the word – the workers will just take a fee, perform repairs somehow and disappear, leaving you no guarantees regarding the quality of work. Of course, an honest word can not be considered a guarantee.

Do not want to risk and pay twice (the second time – for eliminating shortcomings and breakages that occurred after the first repair)? Then call us!

With the company “KUB” repair has become easier, faster, and most importantly – better







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