Everyone wants to live in decent conditions and repairing an apartment is a priority task in the arrangement of housing.

To whom to entrust repair of his apartment, how will it look after repairs? These and other questions are asked by each owner of the property in Tashkent.

Often ideas in the head of the homeowner do not coincide with the horizons of repair executives and as a result, there may be discrepancies, dissatisfaction on the part of the customer, delaying the repair terms.

In order to eliminate misunderstandings, it is necessary to develop a design project for the apartment. This project will show the same foreman and masters, which in the end should be an apartment. The design project will help to avoid mistakes, loss of time and money on building materials.


To date, there are a sufficient number of professional construction companies in Tashkent who perform repair works qualitatively and on time. If you compare the cost of services with private teams, the order to repair the apartment in the company will be cheaper. Experience shows that customers are faced with the problem of non-fulfillment of obligations by private builders. Namely: they take advance payment and disappear, do poor work, we have to hire a new team, overrun of building materials and so on.

Ordering the repair of the apartment on a turn-key basis in CUB you will be satisfied with the result. We conclude contracts both with corporate clients, and with private customers. An integral part of each contract is a clear technical task with a description of all the works, a detailed estimate and a calendar plan. For each day of delay there are penalties.

A nice addition to the repair of the apartment from the CUB is a bonus on the design project, the cost of which is deducted from the total amount of the contract for repair work.

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