It is generally believed that the construction of a house or a country cottage takes a long time. However, thanks to the latest technology, you can build the desired home in the shortest possible time.

Materials for rapid construction

For the construction of a house in Tashkent, the following materials are used for selection:


aerated concrete (has a porous structure, made of sand, lime and cement);

keramoblocks (only natural raw materials are used for their production: clay, water and wood shavings);

foam concrete (a mixture of water, cement and sand with the addition of a foaming agent);

In addition, monolithic and frame construction is actively practiced, as well as erection of premises from sandwich panels.

Advantages of natural materials

Each of the materials is very reliable and durable. A distinctive feature of aerated concrete, ceramic blocks and foam concrete is their ecological compatibility and energy efficiency. If you need to repair a house in Tashkent, you can easily find a master, because such buildings are fairly easy to put in order.

Houses built by the method of frame construction, will serve you about 70 years. Monolithic construction, as a rule, is used in seismic zones: buildings built using this technology can withstand up to 8 points. Objects from sandwich panels are easily mounted due to the presence of grooves: a house can be built in two weeks.

Where to find designers?

Do not know where to design a house in Tashkent? Apply to our company!

The staff of the design studio in Tashkent will not only create the project taking into account your wishes, but will also advise which material is better to use depending on the construction zone.

You can order a project and build a house by contacting us by phone or e-mail!








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