The cost of services for the development of interior design in Uzbekistan and all CIS countries, depending on the volume is calculated individually.

Dear visitors, at present the price list is on renewal. For the changed price list, please contact the following phones: +998 90 9982333, +998903233511 (Telegram, Viber, WatsApp)


Stage 1 – Draft project (concept, for preliminary approval).

the plan of the room is the original one;

variants of planning decisions (re-planning);

plan for the placement of furniture / process equipment;

visualization on the basis of 3D-graphics: illustrations of premises (volumetric-graphic color-textural and stylistic decision of the decorative and artistic design of the interior of the premises with the use of standard furniture);

consultation / justification of the proposed decoration solution (ceiling, floor and wall coverings, furniture, etc.).

Messages on comments, options, changes (written confirmation).

2 stage – Detailed design (after approval and approval of the Draft Design, – for erection and construction works). On the basis of GOST 21.507-81 “Interiors” (a set of working drawings of the brand AI).

explanatory note; TIC; about the constructive scheme of the building;

plan of dismantled structures;

plan after dismantling;

plan of erected structures;

plan of technological holes for engineering communications;


list of jumpers;

plan location of process equipment;

specification of process equipment;

furniture specification;

stairs / porch;

plan for the placement of radiators;

floor plan (incl .: patterns / gradients);

explication of the sexes;

plan for underfloor heating systems (“warm floors”);

development of walls of premises;

the plan of ceilings (including fixtures, devices of ventilation and air-conditioning, etc.); cuts;

summary plan of ceilings and lighting fixtures;

coordinate fixing of lighting devices (including wall-mounted);

specification of lighting equipment;

drawings of architectural details and elements;

a layout plan for the layout of ceramic tiles;

specification of filling elements;

the sheet of internal furnish of premises;

outline of outlets (electric, TV (antenna), Home Network, telephone);

plan for the placement of sanitary equipment with the connection of engineering communications;

Specification of piece items: article, number, placements (eg, houseplants, statues, etc.);

provision of living conditions for low-mobility groups of the population.

The actual composition of the set of drawings may differ from the above (depending on the features of the project).

* Note: if there are no plans for demolition and erection of walls, another 2 interior decorating consultations are added to the package of services at the end of the repair and construction works, including 1 exit to the trading floors of Tashkent.

Selected types of work

At the conclusion of the contract for designing the designer’s primary departure to the design object is FREE OF CHARGE.

Author’s supervision
– Regular departure to the site (on the call of the customer or the foreman, approximately 2 times a month);
– Making minor adjustments in the work drawings that arise during the work;
– Monitoring compliance with this project

* the author’s supervision is a separate contract

** author supervision is carried out for FREE, if the repair and finishing work is done by the company.

Also, our design studio specialists provide the following services:

– Designer’s visit to the site within Tashkent and Tashkent region;

– Departure with the customer for the selection of furniture, plumbing, finishing materials.

The minimum term of the project is 20 days.



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